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Posted By Kevin Sheppard

Jenny Owen

I was very fortunate to meet Jenny Owen Youngs(Leader Singer) supporting Regina Skeptor at Hammersmith. The evening was really great and definitely recommend seeing both Regina or Jenny anytime they we're amazing to hear live on stage. Wish I could of smiled better in the photo! :) Lol!
Thanks for a lovely evening, Hope to hear from you soon Best wishes Kev x


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Clatter Apollo Security Team

Having a picture taken with a very cool guy - Clatter, from the Management Security Team from Hammersmith Apollo! 
I also want to thank Rodney very much and also the Management Team Hammersmith Apollo for helping to advertise Team Sheppard at the Venue in-order to help inspire and make a difference to young children. Hope to see and hear from you soon. Best wishes Kev


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Artic training

Picture Taken with the following:
Taking a pic of all the crew looking cool on the day!! I am very grateful for all the help and hard work by - Ken & Graham(ITV film Crew), John Ryan(Photographer, University of Gloucestershire), Robert(Local Citizen & Gloucestershire Echo), Mike(Phd Student) & Steve How(Sports & Exexercise Laboratories Director, University of Gloucestershire). 
Also not shown in the photo I want to thank the following in their help; Local BBC Gloucestershire Radio, Star Radio 107.5, All the News Reporters from the Local Citizen & The Gloucesteshire Echo, Big thanks Rachel from University PR Department, and special thanks to all the ITV Crew and NewsDesk on a superb documentary that was filmed during the 3rd December. I want to thank everyone very much for all their help I am soooo grateful. I really enjoyed the day and was chuffed to of survived the Chamber in one piece whilst at minus 20!
I'm looking forward to Norway where I will under go my High Arctic Surival Training during January.. :)  Hope to see you all soon Best wishes Kev x

Posted By Kevin Sheppard

Churcdown school assemble

Kev talking about the road ahead to the Polar Challenge and inspiration behind his passions to all the pupils Churchdown Village Junior School.

Photo taken with School Head Master David Clough and School Council.

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Citizen newspaper article



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