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gloucester echo july 25th

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Congratulating year 9 pupils at Deerpark
...for the tremendous achievements and the performances on the night this was amazing to experience..
 Talking about the road ahead on the toughest race in the world, The Polar Challenge in April 2010. What dangers I will face through the 350 mile race to the Magnetic North Pole.


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 I would like to congratulate all the Pupils from Deer Park School for the achievements and hard work they have made and the special awards evening for Attainment, Effort & Improvement. Also all the performances laid on by the pupils on the evening which was amazing to watch..
Also I would like to specially thank everyone at the Deer Park School and the families for helping fundraise £192.00 for Team Sheppard. The money raised will massively help bereaved children and I am very grateful for this.  I would also like to specially mention a big thank you too the head of Key Stage 3 - Year 9 Caroline Skerten and Chiquita Henson Head Teacher for a wonderful evening. To find out more about the school you can visit the following web link.

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Kevin Sheppard at Deer Park

Pupils in Year 9 at Cirencester Deer Park School are celebrating their achievements in Key Stage 3 with a Celebration of Achievement evening held on 16th July at the Deer Park School.

With a 159 pupils out of 218 from the year group all have received nominations for Attainment, Effort or Improvement in individual subjects, as well as awards for Attendance and Service to the School Community.

Year 9 is an important year in the preparation for GCSE’s with the pupils having excelled themselves by developing positive attitudes to learning, taking part in extra curricular activities and showing that they have become mature and responsible citizens through the year.

We are delighted to welcome former Deer Park School Pupil; Kevin Sheppard as our guest speaker. Kevin a former soldier’s in training for the biggest battle of his life – and it’s all to help bereaved children.

Kevin is preparing to take part in the Polar Challenge, a 350 mile race across the Arctic to the magnetic North Pole.  Only 42 people worldwide are selected for the trek each year, and it’s been described as the toughest race in the world.

Whilst battling extreme temperatures below minus 40 and pulling all his own supplies Kevin will have to encounter such dangers as falling through thin ice, hypothermia, frostbite, also one of the world’s most dangerous predators – the polar bear!

Kevin’s Polar Challenge starts in April 2010, but after the slog of finding the financial sponsorship to allow him to join the race he’s already in serious training. He is aiming to raise £30k to support Winston’s Wish as part of Team Sheppard.

Anyone interested in sponsoring Kevin for his Polar Challenge or following his preparation in the run-up to the big event can find out more on his website

Caroline Skerten
Head of Key Stage 3

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7am in the morning

7am in the morning and the day time temperature was starting to rapidly rise!! I feel this is going to be a tad warm with 26 miles of open country side.. Kevin at the start line with both Nieces and friends joining in for the long marathon day ahead. The aim is to raise money and awareness for Winston's Wish, also to educationally inspire young children to highlight the effects climate change is having to the plight of Polar Bears to the High Arctic.



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