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Posted By Kevin Sheppard

Kevin Sheppard off to the Artic

Dear All,

At long last! Over the next few days will see me depart for Resolute Bay, Northern Canada to compete in the Toughest race on Earth - Extreme Polar Challenge, a 350 mile trek to the Magnetic Pole!
Whilst I am away you will be able to follow my race progress by visiting my website as this will be plotted every few days, the race will begin around 20th April. To visit the main front page please click onto the following link:  
See my race map and follow my course as I race across the frozen wastelands of the High Arctic! This is all for Winston's Wish and the inspiration I want to give to many young children's lives.
Along the way I will be battling temperatures dipping below minus 40 and Extreme dangers such as; falling through ice, hypothermia, severe frostbite, snow blindness and also encountering one of the world's most dangerous predators - the Polar Bear! 
Please help and support me as I am aiming to raise £30K for Winston's Wish - a charity that helps bereaved children and their families. The money would help massively to re-build the lives of many young children that suffer the great emotional trauma effected when losing someone that's close and important to you.
I lost my brother 26 years ago to a motor accident when I was 13, this completely devasted me and my family and took a long time to come to terms with, when I was so young. I know my brother Andrew would be immensly proud of what I am aiminig to achieve for many young lives through with TeamSheppard.
Please help and support me today by clicking onto the following link by visiting:
Hope to hear from you
Best wishes
Love Kevin

Posted By Kevin Sheppard

Me and Jo exiting tent Norway

Posted By Kevin Sheppard

Kev Jo and Clair teamsheppard cheeserollers


Posted By Kevin Sheppard

Training in Norway with the cheese rollers

Picture taken in whilst in Norway on a short rest stop from pulling our Pulks across icy terrain with my two mates from left to right Claire Stringer(Little Cheese) & Jo Maddocks(Big Cheese) - Calling themselves Team Cheese Rollers!
For the Extreme Polar Challenge race you will be able to follow us as we link up to call ourselves; Team Sheppard & The Cheese Rollers!   on our High Arctic Journey racing to the Magnetic North Pole.






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