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Posted By Kevin Sheppard

Team Sheppard Team Cheese Rollers

Kev's joined forces with Jo & Claire as they called themselves 'Team Cheese Rollers'!!
For the Extreme Polar Challenge during the race you will be able to follow us as Team Sheppard & The Cheese Rollers competing against all the other Teams..
In the picture Kev and Claire are preparing are food sacks for the three day expedition on Arctic Survival Techinques.


Norway Training Kev next to 3 team pulks

Kev next to the three Team Pulks ready to head off on the training expedition.


Norway Training first camp

First Camp - Kev putting the tent up and finishing the outside tent duties, shoveling snow around the outside edges! This holds the tent firmly in place and also seals in any cracks where the cold wind might creep in.


Norway Training GPS check

Team Mate Jo doing a GPS check for our next Waypoint location!


Norway training second camp

Heading towards our second Camp location, temperatures are starting to dip down very fast as light is falling.


Norway Training minus 18

Second Camp - We recorded the temperatures around minus 18!  It was 5.30pm at this point and started to snow hard. On arrival at the camp and trying to find a suitable location for the tent the snow came up to my waist once I got my skis off. Wow!!


Norway survival drills

Day 3: Heading out for some Survival Drills and more GPS training.  We had three checkpoints to complete on route undertaking our final test - The Ice Breaking Drill(jumping into a frozen lake). Ouch.... This was pretty cold! :)



Training in Norway with Norweign Team

Kev, Jo & Claire having a picture taken with the Norweign Team which won the South Pole Race last year against Ben Fogel & James Crackel.
Rune, Stian & Espen are a great bunch of guys we had a great laugh throughout the week. :)
Look forward to catch up with you in Resolute, Best Kev  

Posted By Kevin Sheppard

Imagine, pulling a Pulk(sledge) with all the survival equipment crossing frozen wastelands with temperatures dipping below minus 40 day after day whilst also battling against extreme dangers for 350miles!
With the recent wintery conditons affecting parts of the UK I used the opportunity to boost my training in my home town in Gloucestershire! Training late into the night around Cirencester Park, at times I could only see no more than few feet in front of me whilst wading through thick snow in the middle of nowhere crossing fields at 10.30pm at night! This was great mental and physical preparation in readiness for my High Arctic Extreme Challenge.. 
With my Polar Challenge less than three months away, please keep following my progress by loging into my website to catch the latest updates as I am entering the final stages of my preparation. This is all for Winston's Wish and inspiration to many children's lives I aim to give.



Cirencester Park training 1


Cirencster Park Training 2


Cirencester Park training 3


This was a shot taken without the flash on my camera so you could get a visual of what it was like was out training whilst in the middle nowhere crossing a fields! At this point it was around 10.30pm at night and I had just stopped for a two minute break to take some fluids.
You can just make out a tree on the right hand side i'd passed 50 ft behind! It was a great feeling being able to train out in the snow and making the most of the opportunity to prepare for the biggest battle of my life coming up very soon!

Posted By Kevin Sheppard

Posted By Kevin Sheppard

Photo's were taken New on Year's Eve, we we're enjoying a cold spell and having great fun whilst out training.. Looking forward to the colder weather in the High Arcitc now only 4 months away!!
Please support and help me make a difference to Winston's Wish,  I aiming to raise £30K for Bereaved Children and their families by undertaking the Extreme Polar Challenge(Toughest race on Earth)!
Please help
Luv Kevin


cleevedon hill training


cleevedon hil training 2

cleevedon hill training 3






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