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The Bupa North Run Kevin Sheppard

Crossing the finish line!! The day was just a tad warm and managed to survive the course in under 2 hours!! Phew... 

The Bupa North Run Andrew Marshall


Andrew Marshall a Winston's Wish Supporter and Sponsor of Team Sheppard catching this breath at the finish line!!

Bupa North Run Charity support tents


Picture of South Shields in the background and all the different charity support tents after the finish line!!
It was a great day out with around 54,000 people competing in the 13.1 mile race.

Bupa North Run Friends


Having a photo shoot with a great bunch of friends I met on the day supporting all different charities and good causes!!
The atmosphere was amazing throughout the day with so many people lining the route to help you on when you need it most..
Hope to catch you soon  Kev

Bupa North Run Chillin


Chilling out whilst our legs were recovering!!


Bupa North Run people


Picture taken with a fab group of people, we had such a laugh before the start!
What a amazing atmosphere.. Apologies I have forgotten your names I said I would, Lol!!
Please email me and let me know?
Best wishes Kevin x

Bupa North Run Tyne Bridge


An magical sight to see by night the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle - Well worth the experience if you have never been there!! 
Also the Sage Gateshead, on the far side of the bridge - a music venue which boosts auditoria with world-class natural acoustic music centre.







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